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Multi choice

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Downtown Wayzata, Minnesota
Kathleen Fowke

I'M RUNNING Because your family deserves better.

I know first-hand how difficult life can be when you are on a tight budget. The high costs of groceries and essentials have driven our citizens to new levels of anxiety and stress. It is time to alleviate the strain. Our government needs to stop the wasteful spending, which causes our taxes to rise. We must ease the squeeze and allow our families to flourish!

Downtown Wayzata, Minnesota


  • Education SD45 MN

    All children deserve the opportunity to succeed 

    Let’s ensure that we allow parents to make their own decisions on where they would like to send their children to school. Let’s uphold parental choice by allowing for school choice. 


    Our kids deserve access to the highest quality education. Unfortunately, our local school budgets are strained under burdensome mandates and aggressive timelines. Much of the funding they did see was overwhelmed by costly requirements which has left our schools facing budget shortfalls.


    Our kids, teachers, and staff deserve proper funding and flexibility to allow our great teachers to do their jobs, and ensure that every district has the resources they need to meet their students where they are.


    Let’s bring back the trades! We must empower our schools so they can introduce the many different career options that are out there. It cannot be a one size fits all institution. 


    Together, we can create a vibrant future.

  • Buildings Wayzata, Minnesota

    Let’s lower taxes and rein-in government spending  

    Many families are feeling the squeeze from inflation and $10 Billion in new state taxes. Minnesota’s $18 Billion budget surplus has been spent, and legislative leaders failed to provide meaningful relief to working families.


    We need to eliminate nonsensical burdens we place on all businesses, big and small, that stifle growth and job creation. The over-regulation of business hurts not only the business, but the consumer as well.


    As a small business owner and entrepreneur, I understand the critical importance of making a budget work for the people it serves. Minnesota should be managed with the same fiscal discipline, transparency, and oversight that applies to running a successful company. Fiscal responsibility ensures we remain on budget while strategically investing in key areas to foster a thriving economy.

  • The Government’s first job is to protect its citizens

    Ensuring the safety and security of our community is a core function of government. We must take proactive steps to prevent crime and protect our citizens. This means supporting our law enforcement officers with the resources they need and strategically investing in programs to address the root causes of crime and mental health.


    Together, we can find solutions that make our community a place where everyone feels secure and businesses can prosper.

  • Yes we can

    Healthcare should be affordable and flexible for all Minnesotans, allowing everyone to make their own decisions regarding what type of healthcare works best for themselves and their families. I believe we need to allow for free market competition and reduced government interference. It is also important that we maintain privacy of medical data and limit government health care mandates.


    In its 1995 decision in Doe vs Gomez the Minnesota Supreme Court found that the Minnesota Constitution guarantees the right of every Minnesotan to terminate a pregnancy. ( Further, Section 145.409 of the Minnesota Statutes, also known as the “Protect Reproductive Options Act” or PRO Act, codifies an individual’s right to control their own reproductive health.


    Let’s use our hearts and our minds


    My promise to Minnesota is that I will listen and work to find common ground on the issues that unite us rather than those that divide us. I will advocate for policies that support women throughout their pregnancies and after birth, increase access to childcare and early childhood education, and find ways to help women make informed decisions, considering all options, including adoption.


    I will further advocate for broad reproductive education. Policies that support our neighbors and their families make for a healthier society overall. 

  • Mental health is a topic we don’t discuss enough

    Depression, anxiety and PTSD are pervasive in our everyday lives and it is time we paid attention to those suffering. It is now being discussed that 35% of college students are considering leaving school due to anxiety. As a society, how are we addressing this important topic? 


    This is a national pandemic and one that needs to be addressed. I will be an advocate for these silent voices. Together we can change the lives of those that suffer. I hope you will join me in the effort.

  • Everyone wants a cleaner environment

    I recognize that just about everything in our modern society depends on reliable and affordable energy. As your Senator I will support policies and technologies that propel us forward at the speed of value. I am committed to investing in clean water, clean air, and an innovative Minnesota that unleashes access to clean, affordable energy solutions. Energy is essential and we need to treat it that way.

  • Let’s ensure we have safe roads and bridges

    I am committed to supporting investments in resilient infrastructure that our community relies on, such as dependable roads, bridges, and safe drinking water. By prioritizing these investments, we can ensure our neighborhoods are safe, vibrant, and well-maintained for all residents.

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